About ASEA

About ASEA®

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ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health

Dedicated to providing a sustainable lifestyle by delivering high-quality cellular health products through a principle-based, direct-selling, distribution model. Harnessing science, ASEA offers first-to-market products that utilize molecules native to the human body which enhance vital cellular functions. ASEA’s cornerstone, patented redox signaling technology, supports the body’s natural cellular renewal and communication processes, improves total body health, and allows every system of the body to function better.

Currently, redox signaling technology is available in three first-to-market products.

The three products are:

  • ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement, the company’s flagship liquid supplement
  • RENU28 Revitalizing Redox Gel, a revitalizing whole-body skin gel
  • RENUAdvanced Intensive Redox Serum, an ultra-concentrated skin gel

Founded in 2010, ASEA is currently in over 30 countries.